Seiswork is a musical project launched in 2011. First used as a stage name in the context of deejaying activities, it has gradually turned to music production mixing techniques of experimental composition and beatmaking. With no real attachment to a particular style of electronic music, the Seiswork trademark is noticeable by chiseled writing and winks more than by a particular rhythmic signature or sound.

Over the years, the electronic styles follow one another according to the desires and meetings and it will not stop today (breakcore, drill'n'bass, IDM, downtempo, future garage, glitch hop, abstract hip-hop, electronica, ambient, ...).



2022, ft. Radio for the Daydreamers, Midnight Moodswings & Tensor (independant label).

1. My Problem With Daylight (2013)
– album The Dopamine Recursive (Midnight Moodswings, Seiswork)
2. Wasted Faces (2012)
– (Radio for the Daydreamers, Seiswork)
3. Sleep, Tired (2013)
– (Midnight Moodswings, Seiswork)
4. The Desperate Disparate (2014)
– album Binôme (Radio for the Daydreamers, Seiswork)
5. Nothing You Can Tune Out (2018)
– (Tensor, Seiswork)
6. Time Never Flies (2013)
– album The Dopamine Recursive (Midnight Moodswings, Seiswork)
7. The floor is (2013)
– album The Dopamine Recursive (Midnight Moodswings, Seiswork)
8. Behind The Scenes (2022)
– (Radio for the Daydreamers, Seiswork)

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2015, ft. Radio for the Daydreamers (independant label).

1. Underhanded
2. The Demon Preachers
3. Unfooled And Protected
4. My Ties To Sanity
5. The Desperate Disparate
6. Koorddanser
7. White
8. The Machine Is Dead
9. Words From A Black Liquid

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2014 (Tek-Obsessed Recordings).

1. Concentré de trou noir N°0
2. Concentré de trou noir N°1
3. Concentré de trou noir N°2
4. Concentré de trou noir N°3

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2013, ft. Midnight Moodswings (independant label).

1. The Floor Is
2. A Good Place
3. Interlude-Numb As Numbers
4. To Sleep
5. When You Cannot
6. Interlude- Alas! Time Never Flies
7. Tell The Difference
8. Between Night And Day
9. Outro- My Problem With Daylight

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2013 (Hopskotch Records).

1. Concentrée de pensées amères N°0
2. Concentrée de pensées amères N°1
3. Concentrée de pensées amères N°2
4. Concentrée de pensées amères N°3

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Live project

The new album is coming soon ! And we are working on a live project that would stage an instrument designed for the occasion : the Kinesta. We can use it by moving our hands and using tactile surfaces. A big challenge. Music is ready, it only remains to continue research on the Kinesta and work on the live interpretations of the new album.

If you want more information about this, I invite you to follow me on social networks!


09.24.2022 — Welcome to Season 22-23 (opening)
Buda Bxl, Brussels, Belgium
02.27.2021 — 3D Audio Binaural Broadcast : For Aline
(experimentation in binaural audio
in collaboration with Buda Bxl, Mentality and Aku Soundsystem)
Buda Bxl, Brussels, Belgium
07.28.2019 — Château Perché Festival
Arboretum de Balaine,
Villeneuve-sur-Allier, France
10.29.2014 — Drum Room Residents Night
O'reilly's nua, Brussels, Belgium
12.20.2013 — Drum Room #2
O’Apostrophe, Brussels, Belgium
2009–2012 — DJZU
I was a member of a group called DJZU,
with Timothée Toussaint (Yoetc) and
Loïc Rossion(Røssiøn). That was a rich period
with a lot of concerts and DJ sets all around
the Ardennes, Liège and Brussels in Belgium.
We have maked some messy things but
it was fun!