My experimental creations mix various influences and practices such as cinema, videomusic, video art, matter (painting, elements from nature, pigments, paper, printing modes, etc.). It is according to spontaneous desires that I start a project. It can be a drawing, a sound of everyday life, a book, a photograph, a particular work. Then begins a long process of collecting memories. The result is electroacoustic music compositions and videomusic works.

Compositions of electroacoustic music


Premiere on 06/10/2023
Chapelle de Verre – Fauquez

It is a story of friendship, laughter, teasing, a kind of allegory of the pleasure of having fun, sometimes bordering on caricature. A moment of relaxation and gentle madness exacerbated by the acousmatic practice which results in particular in the accentuation of emotions such as joy and hilarity but also such as weariness, disagreements. The acousmatic and radio aesthetics specific to this piece also make it possible to play with political correctness by suggesting certain words, certain expressions in a musical and creative way. The story can be guessed, the interactions suggested between characters let the imagination of the listeners build itself while following a path strewn with sound abstractions.


Premiere on 10/14/2018
Project(ion) Room – Brussels

From this musical creation springs a story, a narrative guided by an unknown voice, like an inspired stream of painting. I do not care.A vague expression, a term, a break. Repeatedly repeated to scatter the meaning, this group of words expands and deforms. The multiplicity of words attacks and tears the narrative incarnated by this voice, sometimes inside, sometimes outside the story. She walks, likes to talk to the extreme and then plunge into deep asthenia caused by anxiety. Anxiety. No matter how we handle it, it can never be beneficial. If the only weapon is to do not care, then there is no need to think long.


Commission by Musiques & Recherches,
premiere on 03/19/2014
Espace Senghor – Brussels

This project has required the participation of serveal professionals belonging to various domains. First, I realized a short scenario that I proposed to a comedian and we then performed a series of recordings in different places, and with different intonations. This work contains also instrumental playings. I asked to the instrumentalists to do improvisations or to play something that they love to play in order to feel some sort of comfort in the gestures. The atmospheres have a great importance in this project. This is why I looked after cold places, often reverberated and/or empty (basement of a hotel, offices, hallways and hospital rooms, …) for giving a gloomy aspect to the music.

Concerning the representation, this piece is talking about the opposition between consciousness and unconsciousness, it depicts a false dialog between an inner voice and a psychiatrist. Overall, it is structured as a movie, and it includes different layers of perception and overlays of various spaces. In addition, the story is told not only by voice, but also through effects and diverse writing systems. Some moments are cut like scenes and soundscapes are often present to suggest real or surreal situations.


Collection of six pieces,
premiere on 08/30/2012
Espace Senghor – Brussels

This musical collection is subdivided into six independent parts. These parts can be associated with different stories necessarily having the nightmare for global theme. In general, this work stage a character evolving in his nightmarish universe. The first part (2011, reviewed in 2012) represents a dream first positive and joyful with carefree looks. It stands out from the other "stories" by its pleasing nature, but an imposing descent into hell suddenly plunges the character into a bottomless abyss. The nightmare begins...

The second part (2010) recreates the story of this character. This one has obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and is progressively darkening into depression. The third part (2012) attempts to set unpleasant and invasive thoughts to music. Obsession mutates, transforms and takes on a new appearance. The fourth part (2011) corresponds to a research on processes designed to represent a destructive spiral, a kind of tornado enclosing the character in his dark thoughts and expelling him into a new universe. The fifth part (2012) gives a new role to this character, he suddenly finds himself in the skin of an animal. The beginnings are difficult, but he tries little by little to adapt to his new universe, that of the gutters. This new form of perception allows him to contemplate the human world from his roof and to reflect on the future of humanity with a certain distance. The sixth and last part (2011) is opposed to the first, the terrifying journeys of the character have exhausted him. Overwhelmed by his visions and negative thoughts, he lets himself be dragged into the meanders of his own nightmare. The main theme of this piece is the apparition. Relatively short but quiet and peaceful interludes suggest that the nightmare is coming to an end. However, the evil and monstrous appearances each time take the step, until the conscience decides to put an end to this chaos.

Videomusic works


Premiere on 08/21/2015
Beaux-Arts de Mons, Belgium

This achievement is the result of a collaboration with the collective of digital artists L'Art-Chétype as part of the European cultural project Mons 2015 (Mons, Belgium).

The original broadcast context is very specific. This work was conceived to be played on a multisensory dome (half-sphere screen, 3D sound multiphony, vibrations on the ground). This can however be interpreted on a conventional screen and in stereo.

In reference to Rêve Éveillé, a musical piece made a few years earlier and using dreamlike images and symbols, this second opus is immersed in an abstract and organic audiovisual universe. Forms and energies, gestures and movements intersect, juxtapose, repel each other to give life to an indescribable world evolving with unpredictable interventions.


10.06.2023 — FeBeME-BeFEM presents Autumn Waves
Project(ion) Room, Brussels, Belgium
06.10.2023 — Reflets Sonores Festival
Chapelle de Verre, Fauquez, Belgium
10.08.2022 — FeBeME-BeFEM presents Autumn Waves
Project(ion) Room, Brussels, Belgium
10.26.2019 — FeBeME-BeFEM presents Autumn Waves
Project(ion) Room, Brussels, Belgium
05.28.2019 — Remusica Festival
Pristina, Kosovo
10.14.2018 — BEM18
Project(ion) Room, Brussels, Belgium
10.14.2017 — BEM17
La Vallée, Brussels, Belgium
09.20.2015 — FTRSND Opening
FTRSND office, Brussels, Belgium
08.21.2015 — La nuit des musées montois
Beaux-Arts de Mons, Mons, Belgium
03.11.2015 — Electrobelge concert
Espace Senghor, Brussels, Belgium
03.19.2014 — Electrobelge concert
Espace Senghor, Brussels, Belgium
08.30.2012 — Premiere of « Cauchemars »
Espace Senghor, Brussels, Belgium
2006–2012 — Musiques & Recherches
I participated as a student in many concerts
organized by Musiques & Recherches and
the section of electroacoustic music of
the Conservatory of Mons.